Aeromedical Emergency Services has been operational in the Northwestern region of Alberta since 1988, specializing in the field of ground and air ambulance services, rescue air ambulance response, as well as regional dispatching services. Aeromedical has since expanded its services into international contracts with the inception of an international repatriation flight division which was aptly […]

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About Us

Air Ambulance

Aeromedical, even by its name, has always been about medevac services. Aeromedical has performed thousands of rescue air ambulance missions to the First Nations reserves, oilfield sites, and remote locations throughout the Northwestern region of Alberta. Along with regional services, Aeromedical has also performed numerous international missions.

Ground Ambulance

Aeromedical's large fleet of ambulances are well maintained, and have stood the rigors of remote backcountry access on a number of occasions. Aeromedical provides both Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) ground ambulance services throughout the Northwestern region.

Special Services

In order to achieve a fully integrated EMS system, Aeromedical has also pursued the field of emergency dispatching services. Aeromedical Emergency Services operates the regional E-911 system, as well as dispatches for the regional fire departments, allied agencies, along with its own ground and air ambulance services.