Community Involvement

Aeromedical has provided local EMS services within the High Level / Fort Vermilion region for over 25 years and has become a local icon for quality EMS care. Aeromedical also participates in injury prevention programs, co-response education, community involvement, and standby services.

Co-Responder Programs

Aeromedical is a true believer that the community is the first link in the “Chain of Survival”. Due to the geographical nature of Northwest Alberta, many times great distances need to be covered in order to reach the outlying communities in their time of need. Having skilled first responders within these communities provides a critical link in primary care. These individuals, in some cases are the true “lifesavers”, and are given the utmost respect for their dedication and assistance during emergent situations.

Aeromedical routinely hosts Emergency Medical Responder courses in house to groups interested in strengthening their own communities.

Event Stand-By Services

Aeromedical often partakes in providing local EMS services for community and sporting events held within the region Whether it be a tournament event, a rodeo, or any large gathering for that matter, Aeromedical can have skilled personnel on hand.

Aeromedical enjoys this aspect of their work, as it brings a different change of pace for the staff members manning the events. Some of the events you will see us at throughout the year include, Candy Cane Campaign, school job fairs, Santa Clause Parade, Canada Day Parade, and other joint events with the High Level Fire Department.

To learn more about these programs and services, feel free to High Level contact us for more information.

You can also visit the Town of High Level’s website.