Alberta Health Ground Ambulance

High Level Service Region

For over 32 years Aeromedical Emergency Services Ltd has been the ground ambulance provider for High Level and region. Our dedication to our diverse communities is an absolute privilege. The northern climate and geography come with many challenges and it’s our team members who do their absolute best to always put our patient’s safety and needs first. Aeromedical is proud to work side by side with the High Level Fire Department on many scenes. In the late 2000s, Aeromedical began our contract with Alberta Health Services to provide these ongoing services. Currently the ground ambulance response area includes the area north of Keg River to the Northwest Territories border and from the BC border to the western border of the Wood Buffalo park. This region is serviced in partnership with the North Zone AHS direct delivery units in Rainbow Lake, Zama City, Fort Vermilion, and La Crete.

Rescue Air Ambulance

Fort Vermillion Service Region

Aeromedical Emergency Services utilizes many different aircraft for “rescue” purposes. Rescue Air Ambulances are any aircraft chartered for the purpose of transporting patients to a hospital facility. Aeromedical Routinely provides Basic and Advanced Life Support transportation via rescue air ambulance focusing primarily on the First Nations reserves in the North Zone.

Helicopter Service Region

Over the years Aeromedical has established relationships with local helicopter providers. These companies have played a huge role in the success of helping our patients in their most trying circumstances. We value our relationships with these companies and know that they are an important part of our organization and patient success.